Essential Elements of an Excellent Mobile App
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Essential Elements of an Excellent Mobile App

There are thousands of mobile apps in the market today. There are mobile apps for finance, travel, beauty, and many others. There are plenty of apps but only very few stand out from the crowd. Before you think about developing your very own app, you should ask yourself what makes certain apps so special and what sets them apart from others. By doing so, you can ensure that your own mobile app is successful.

Consistent performance

The success of your app depends on how consistent it is when it comes to performance. It has to be well-tested and its performance under the most extreme conditions must be taken into account. A great app works perfectly and consumes minimum CPU and battery power.

An app that crashes frequently will only make users hate it. Reliability in performance is one of the first things, which people look at.

Loading time

An app which takes a long time to load is going to irritate users and surely wont be a hit. Anything that loads under 5 seconds is a good thing. However, if an app takes longer than that to load, users will become impatient and will avoid the app like the plague. If your app requires a large amount of data, it will take some time to load and this is something which cannot be avoided. The least you can do is to inform the user that it is still loading.  When they know what is going on, they will be more patient.


The app has to be compatible with your chosen mobile platform or platforms. Each mobile platform has particular traits, work environment, features and guidelines. Unfamiliar features will only make users uncomfortable and will reduce the popularity of your mobile app.

Utility value

For your app to become successful, it has to be usable.  It has to be unique and it has to be of help to the end users. The app should be able to make life a little easier for the user. It should offer people a little extra that they are encouraged to use it again and again.

No freeze

Apps, which constantly freeze, will never be popular with users. The user interface should always be open and active. Apps that constantly hang or crashed will be rejected by users. One solution which people use to solve this problem is thread separation. It is a good thing to look into this when developing your app.


If you have been using aps, you will certainly have already encountered ads. Ads can be very annoying and if you ask users, they do not wants ads on their apps. As much as possible, you should make your apps free from ads. This might be something difficult to do as ads generate money but you should try to keep them to a minimum. Users will be more than happy to pay for an app just so they can get rid of ads. It is best to have two versions of your app, one which is paid and app-free and a second one which is like a sample version which has ads.